After Sales Support

Services do not stop once you’ve purchased from us.  It’s our mission to provide you with the best service possible.   We are here to help you achieve your individual goals by providing you with support and recommendations that will help you succeed.  When you purchase a bike from us you receive our lifetime maintenance plan which includes basic tune-up (not limited to a certain amount per year) plus any adjustments that you may need.  We also offer a free recreational fit with each bike purchase-and you do have the option of an upgrade to a next level fit for a small upcharge.  We offer free installs with purchase of many products from TBF.  The list includes shoes, pedals, grips, racks (car and bike), bags, lights, computers, water bottle cages and bells.  We also provide a 30 minute tutorial session on the trainer at no charge for those who purchase their shoes and pedals from us.

When you purchase a Catrike from us, we custom fit it to the individual.  We get the correct measurements and adjust or cut the boom accordingly.  We take the time to go over all the intricate details of operating the Catike properly.  Trikes require a little more maintenance than your typical bike, that’s why we have designed a service plan specifically for our Catrike customers.    These services are all included with your purchase of a Catrike absolutely free.

For people who are interested in knowing the basics of bicycle operations we offer a free monthly class.  The class covers chain maintenance and tire changes.  For those who want to dive a little deeper we have our beyond the basics class which we offer during the winter months.  This class touches on the subjects of wheel truing, brake and derailleur adjustments.