About Us

The Bike Factory aims to provide not only excellent customer service, but also community service through growing our employee’s knowledge, skill, and involvement. We seek to strengthen relationships among people in a purposeful manner to promote and encourage the well-being of individuals and families in the community. We aim to be the "Hometown Shop," offering the best care and attention possible to our customers and community with a commitment to friendly, informative service.

Looking for a bike shop that specializes only in high end race bikes… - well that’s not us. Looking for a bike shop that focuses on cycling purists and expect you to want everything you need for your next Tour de France entry – uhm, that’s not us either. Our store was founded on the simple concept that biking is not only fun but is also incredible exercise that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of shape, size or physical ability. We believe that all it takes to have a great ride is a bit of an adventurous spirit, a smile and fantastic bike shop (that’s us).

Cycling has become a multi-billion dollar business and in our opinion marketing departments’ seem to have over complicated the process of buying both bikes and bike accessories. Often manufactures introduce terminology that is vague and conflicts with other jargon used by their competitors. The result is that folks often wind up with a bike that doesn’t match their needs. We know that the more you like your bike the more riding you’ll do. With that in mind, our primary goal is to equip folks with product that will make them want to ride often as opposed to having it wind up as garage décor.

We’ve done the homework for you and have stocked our store with everything you need and some stuff you may just want. When you visit us you’ll see that we carry items that aren't easily found in other shops. Our store manager (Alec) is always hunting for unique items that help set our store apart from others. In selecting products for our store, be it bikes or accessories, Amanda looks for items that are high quality yet affordable.

When you come into our shop you’ll find that our staff is geared up to provide you with information you’ll need to take home the bike that’s right for you and will last a lifetime. We hope you give us a shot and visit us at 616 Franklin Avenue, Edwardsville IL. Or if you just want to ride over on MCTs great trail system, we’re just a few blocks from the intersections of the Goshen, Nature and Nickle Plate trails.

Enjoy the Ride